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  • Cultivating the Custodians of our Natural Heritage

    I often remember the words of my wonderful friend, companion and mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, as we toiled up the hills in the hot sun Mfolozi Game Reserve. "We are doing the work of God", he would say. "And our reward will come when people realise how important our national parks and game reserves really are....Dr Ian Player, Internationally renowned conservationist...Read more

  • Wildlife Guardian Programme

    In response to the current rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, a joint proposal between the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) and the Game Ranger’s Association of Breitling Replica Watches Africa (GRAA) gave  rise to the Wildlife Guardian Programme. This programme...Read more

  • Conservation and Environmental Bridging Programme

    It is essential for future leaders in conservation to be identified within the school system at an early stage and to be exposed to appropriate training opportunities. This programme is aimed at historically disadvantaged school leavers....Read more

  • Enterprise Development/New Venture Creation

    The future of South Africa's economy does not only lie in the formal sector, but also within the informal SMME sector. This is a growing part of South Africa's economy and requires substantial focus from a developmental perspective. It is essential that communities benefit ...Read more

  • Community Rangers Programme

    Many of our wilderness areas are under the growing threat of increasing population growth, sprawling urbanisation, deepening poverty, encroaching land use, poaching and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. It for this reason that...Read more

  • The Sustainable Utilisation Programme – PH Course

    The programme is designed to empower persons from historically disadvantage backgrounds to access an employment sector which, according to the Department of Environmental Affairs, is responsible for making an extremely valuable contribution to the economy...Read more

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There is little chance of protecting the environment without a greater sense of mutual responsibility….

Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations
(1 January 1997 – 31 December 2006)

Every gift counts. From a one-time contribution, to supporting our students by way of bursaries, to a planned gift to our trust fund; there are many ways in which to help the College to train protected area managers and upgrade the skills of people from Africa for Africa.

For further information on any of the funding options listed below, please contact our fundraiser and marketer, Jeanné Poultney on +27 (0)11 7044386 or by emailing or alternatively contact the College CEO, Theresa Sowry on +27 (0)15 793 7319


If a trust is your preferred way of investing in project or institutions, the Southern African Wildlife College Trust (SAWCT) offers an ideal opportunity to support long term investment in conservation education.

Set up as an independent capital trust fund by WWF-SA in the year 2000, SAWCT is a means of ensuring at least one permanent income stream for conservation education and environmental management training in the SADC region. The trust system provides a stable source of financing for the Southern African Wildlife College, without overwhelming the institution's administration capabilities.  Donors are able to invest with minimal overheads, and know that the Trust will be professionally managed.

SAWCT is exempt form income tax under South African Law. Donors can claim donations to SAWCT against their taxable income and donations are exempt from Donations tax and Estate Duty.  

Should you wish to liaise with the Trust directly, please contact SAWCT's fundraiser, Janet Wakelin on +27 (0) 82 924 3749 or email


Bequests and planned gifts play an important role in our conservation education and training programme. By naming the College as a beneficiary in wills, trusts, retirement plans or insurance policies, you leave a legacy by becoming part of our future.


Our adopt-a-student programme also allows corporations or individuals to support people already in the field of conservation who are unable to further their studies due to a lack of funds. Their dedication is already established and their abilities have been recognised; they simply need help to further their studies. Once trained these students will return to their countries or reserves in which they operate able to implement new techniques in protected area management, anti-poaching, fire management, community-based natural resource management. 


See "Funding Training Programmes and Initiatives" which includes our:

  • Wildlife Guardian/Anti-Poaching Programmes and Inititatives
  • Youth Access: Conservation and Environmental Education Bridging Programme
  • New Venture Creation/Enterprise Development Programmes
  • Community Rangers Project
  •   Sustainable Use and Field Guiding Programmes – PH Course
  • Innovation, Development and Best Practice


One way of assisting us is by helping us lower our costs. By donating a required service or product to the SAWC, your company will enable us to keep administrative expenses and operational costs to a minimum which will enable us to commit cash donations and income directly to conservation projects.

Training equipment and uniforms, IT equipment, vehicles, hardware to ensure the maintenance of its buildings and grounds, stationery items and training materials, food items to support the provision of healthy well-balanced meals etc. are just some of the items that the College needs and which would make a significant difference to reducing operational expenses.


The College welcomes joint initiatives involving the cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non profit organisation such as ourselves for mutual benefit. We currently have such an agreement with Van Loveren Wines where the College benefits from the sale of their "Fives Reserve" range.

In combining respective interests or assets, the College and the related organisation is able to create shareholder and social value; connect with a range of constituents (be they consumer, employees, or suppliers); and communicate the shared values of both organisations.


You can improve your company's scorecard  through Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment [B-BBEE] by supporting training at the Southern African Wildlife College.  

Alternative Prosperity (Pty) Ltd has verified the beneficiary status of South African Wildlife College’s training programmes (Advanced Certificate, Higher Certificate and Short Courses) for the purpose of issuing an Independent Competent Person’s Report (ICPR) as required in terms of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) legislation.

Corporate funders can therefore claim B-BBEE socio-economic development points on their CSI contribution*.

 * B-BBEE scorecard points can be claimed depending on a company’s CSI contribution relative to its net profit for the year.


Individual donors who would like to support to the work that the College does by making a once-off or monthly pledge can  deposit funds directly into the College's account via electronic transfer or debit order.

Click here for our banking details

Please use your name and Indiv/Donor as the reference. If you would also be so kind as to drop us your email so that we can acknowledge your contribution it would be greatly appreciated. Email with your details.

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